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KICC Support Services

Specialised and unique Business development support, Branding support & Marketing support for your company. Each respective field is handled by equally qualified and efficient mentors to help our potential clients reach their intended business aims.


Development Support

Linking potential clients with respective companies that share the same corporate interests. Creating opportunities for collaborations and partnerships.

Branding Support

Assist business in standing out by differentiating their unique selling points during business development events.

Market Research


Provide additional information about the respective market, such as barriers to entry, government grants and other opportunities.

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KICC Partnership Programmes

The KICC Partnership Programmes are designed and catered to needs of clients in fields such as marketing/ PR campaign advice, Partnership Projects & Business Mentorships.


Campaign Advice

Organise seminars, roadshows, regular networking events and other marketing efforts.



Participation within the
coverage of both private and
public sectors



New business owners can come to us for guidance and advice on how to further grow/expand their company.

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