NOD Bizware

NOD Bizware has a lot of experience in how to protect privacy and has security technology for Cryptocurrency Wallet (Ethereum) software, which is the most important problem for many businesses. There are tens of millions of people who have smartphones but no access to banking infrastructure.


By NOD Bizware, HackFreeis the only secure chat in the worldthat implemented all the features of normalchat. Due to the nature of the end-to-endencryption that proceeds at the user end, thefeatures available in non-secure chat, suchas group chat, web chat, etc., have not beenimplemented in secure chat. Hackfree is theworld’s first secure chat applying zeroknowledgeend-to-end encryption technologyto implement end-to-end encryption on theWeb. All you have to do is use it just likenormal chat. HackFree will take care ofsecurity behind.