Quart Sys

Quartz Sys is BIM-based Building & Construction IT Solution development Company. We lead productivity and safety improvement in Construction Industry through the state-of-the art IT Technology based on BIM(Building Information Modeling).

Having the world-best-level technology in the BIM & BLM field, Quartz Sys mainly provides:
· Construction IT Convergence Software
· International Standard BIM data processing system
· Integrated Information Solutions for Smart Building & Smart City
· Facility Management System for the optimal building
operation management
· BIM/GIS Platform and 3D Visualization Engine
· The world-class BIM Model Server & BIM-based Rule-Checking Engine

performative Architecture: beyond BIM technology for Smart City & Smart Nation

Quartz Sys’s main products, “Performative BIM” series, are Performa Manager, Performa AMS, Performa BMS, Performa IC, and Performa UrbanScape.
· Performa Manager: BIM Data Processing Platform Solution
· Performa AMS: BIM-based Building Asset Management System
· Performa BMS: Building Monitoring System
· Performa UrbanScape: Integrated BIM with GIS Platform Solution
· Performa IC: Solution to Change Revit file to IFC file by checking
missing objects of BIM data
· Pix4D Mapper: UAV processing software