EPSOFT was founded to provide various applications and services based on innovative technologies. Nowadays the business environment is more dynamic, and there’s a need more green and secure working environment. EPSOFT has a great team who understands market needs and challenges, and brings into the market innovative technologies that can help customer achieve their goals.

Vision and strategies
To be a trusted partner for customers in world-wide with innovative print solution technologies.

· Provide innovative, valuable and affordable printing solutions
· Pursuit win-win strategy with key partners in the market based on
the co-operating
· Provide customer’s high satisfaction on products and services

Key products

EasyReport 5.0 – Total printing management solution include security and cost control

Most of companies are searching for a better way to protect their information in server and PC but not on output devices such as MFPs and printers. A lot of confidential information is leaking out from hardcopy via unauthorized employees. On the other hand, printing costs are still black holes. Nowadays printing and handling documents consumes up to 20% of an operating budget and 40% of payroll, making it the third highest office expense based on a study conducted by INFO World. But the problem is 5~10% of printing job is not necessary. Most of companies are looking for the simple way to control printing cost and security.

EasyReport 5.0 is a total solution that can manage printing environment in terms of security and cost control. it is an affordable solution that helps you manage and control your printers and MFPs in real-time. It offers you following great feature that can help on printing environment in office.

JetAnywhere – Charge back solution for print service

Wireless technology and the wide use of mobile devices such as smart phones, tablet PC, laptop brought easy and fast access to internet from everywhere. And most of information is readily available on the internet. Along with this, the need for printing service is growing especially when out of office or home. Having the convenience of printing anywhere is vital for business travellers who may need to print quotations, business proposals, charts or contracts while on the road, or students who need to print assignment, reference documents, and exam paper in the school.

JetAnywhere is innovative charge back solution for print, copy and scan service. With JetAnywhere solution, individuals can enjoy printing service at any time, at anywhere has wired or wireless access point, and from any devices such as smart phone, tablet PC, laptop. People can send print job from any location. After that can take it and pay for it at convenient JetAnywhere release station by cash or card system.