AhnLab creates agile, integrated internet security solutions for corporate organizations. Founded in 1995, AhnLab, a global leader in security, delivers comprehensive protection for networks, transactions, and essential services. AhnLab delivers best-of-breed threat prevention that scales easily for high-speed networks, by combining cloud analysis with endpoint and server resources. AhnLab’s multidimensional approach combines with exceptional service to create truly global protection against attacks that evade traditional security defenses. That’s why more than 25,000 organizations rely on AhnLab’s award-winning products and services to make the internet safe and reliable for their business operations.

To secure corporate systems in the age of targeted threats, AhnLab provides a comprehensive product lineup that is capable of defending against a wide range of cyber-attacks. Our technical capabilities, coupled with our extensive experience in the information security industry, result in a consistent security strategy—one that not only defeats present attackers, but also creates a secure environment to defend against the threats of the future.