The leading Enterprise e-Form and Reporting solutions provider worldwide. Established in 1995, FORCS has been spearheading innovative business enterprise mobility solutions. Constantly innovating and developing new technologies, advocating enterprise mobility and green business environment. In 2015, FORCS was listed on KOSDAQ, the public stock exchange of South Korea. Today, FORCS has global offices in Japan and Singapore, working with over 40 business partners and 3,500 customers globally.

Their wide range of solutions include Digital Form, Electronic Documentation, and Enterprise Reporting. OZ e-Form, an award-winning enterprise e-form solution, allows anyone to convert traditional paper form to digital form with ease. Viewable across devices, enabling customers to speed up business process and reduce business costs. Banks, Insurance Agencies, Hospitals, Field Service Providers, and others have seen proven results in increased productivity and reduced cost with OZ solutions.